Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just two more hours and one last final...

Just two more hours of work and one last final tomorrow. That's all I have left of this semester. And as I sit here in front of this computer for the last two hours of work my mind keeps going to the summer that lies ahead of me. And the many opportunities that it holds.

I get to spend three months back in my old stomping grounds, work with the 4-H program that I lived for each and every summer, and spend time with all of amazing family and friends that I rarely ever get to see throughout the year. The possibilities are unlimited, and I don't want to waste them! This has led me to the decision of making a "Summer Bucket List" that will include everything and anything that I want to do while I'm back home this summer. I have a lot of different ideas roaming around in my head, but I need to get them down on paper and make them official. 

So get excited for the official "Summer Bucket List" coming soon, and hopefully everyone back home is gearing up for my return because in just one week I will be making the long long long drive from Logan, Utah to Hope, Indiana. Ahhh...I'm SO excited!