Thursday, October 4, 2012

And all before 7 a.m.

Today was day two of my new (and also my third) job. I am the newly hired "lab assistant  for the Animal, Dairy, Veterinary Science Department here at Utah State University. Now, it sounds like I am going to be a cool lab scientist  but actually I work out at the South Farm in Wellsville feeding beef calves for a research project. Yay me! 

Actually I quite like it because it gets me back to my roots of working on a farm with animals. I'm more of a dairy cow kind of girl but these 24 beef calves will just have to do for now. And the best part of this job is that I wake up 4:30 in the morning to feed them before my classes start for the day. Did I say best part? I actually mean the not-so-best part. This is just yet another responsibility to add to my very large list of things to accomplish every day. The real best part is that I only do it during the week. (I can still go to the great little town of Preston Idaho every weekend to see the dairy boy then! Yeah yeah!) 

Don't worry though I am not letting this wake-up-at-4:30-in-the-morning stop me though! Once I got back from the farm I made an out fit change and did a quick workout before I had to shower and head to class. And I decided upon this outdoor run circuit workout from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. She has a GREAT blog about being healthy that has become one of my daily reads these days. This was a great and quick workout I could get in for the day before all my classes, meetings, and work came. It wasn't the hardest work out I've ever done but it felt great to take action, sweat a bit, and all before seven in the morning! 

outdoor run walk workout

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dedication, Determination, and Motivation

I have now completed two posts about change. Have I actually changed though? 

Part of me thinks no not at all but the then again I kind of have. I am thinking about what I am eating, drinking, doing, or more importantly not doing! That's just it though...for the most part I have only been thinking about it.

I had a lovely (and I use the word lovely in some what of a sarcastic voice) conversation with my boyfriend, the dairy boy, about dedication. You see, he has recently lost an amazing 40 pounds! Woohoo! Way to go babe! So of course being healthy, eating right, and exercising are common topics for us these days. Now I know if I say "I'm fat" many people would shake their head at me with disagreement. And although I am not obese or showing more weight like crazy I have gained  some weight in the past year. I hate to admit that I have, but it is the truth.

Seeing the dairy boy's amazing results and seeing his dedication, determination and happiness that the healthy life change has brought him, I want it myself. I have been talking about doing it. Making changes in my life. Mainly eating better and exercising. I have talked of these changes for so long, too long. However, I have not had the dedication or determination to actually act and make the change reality. And in our "lovely" conversation about dedication, the dairy boy informed me of how I have had none, which is sadly so true! I have talked the talk now I need to walk the walk. So I decided to find some inspiration from Pinterest to get me going and find that determination, dedication and motivation that I oh so need! Enjoy!

never stop!