Wednesday, February 6, 2013

wednesday already!

happy hump to you all! this weeks seems to be flying by already. i mean come on its already wednesday!

i was feeling a little under the weather last night, but it gave me a chance to relax at home and spend some time catching up on homework while i stayed warm in some comfy clothes watching a little great gilmore girls. and it might of also gave me an excuse to order some chinese food :) dairy boy hasn't been a huge fan of chinese lately and since he was already back home in idaho sleeping away for the early morning milking today, i took advantage of my solo night to eat some not-so-good for me food.

the last thing i wanted to do this morning was exercise, but i pushed through it and headed to the fieldhouse anyway. i decided to do an elliptical workout and then call it good. this one came from one of my usual go to spots for workouts, PBFingers. it was a great workout! i mean 18 resistance and incline is crazy! i not only got a great leg workout, but arms as well. be prepared to sweat with this one. 

i've been working on-campus all afternoon and with not much of "work" to actually do, so i tackled some more homework and reading for school. i have so much going on the next week with school, including four exams! yep, four! i need to buckle down and stay on top of things for the next few days. in between all of my reading, studying, and tidbits of work to do i've desperately been searching pinterest for a fun, cute, and super delicious valentine's dessert slash birthday cake to make next week. 

M Chocolate Cookie Cake Bars  Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake  Giant chocolate chip cookie cake
                                      source.                     source.                        source.

i am thinking some version of a layered cookie cake with ice cream and fudge on top. we will see though. until happy hump day!

Monday, February 4, 2013

superbowl weekend, and a weigh-in

this morning was the first official weekly weigh-in and hey i actually lost weight! not all, but still some. but first a recap of my weekend. below is me and the dairy boy after he decided to have his sister shave his head and keep sporting the beard he has currently. not too bad if you ask me. our weekend included milking cows, some great brisket from a local restaurant in preston, a tour of the very well managed taskmaster holstein in lewiston, utah, and a relaxing sunday evening watching some superbowl commercials and eating some bomb enchiladas that we made for his family (i should really post that recipe, because it is definitely a keeper). all in all a great weekend!

now to the good stuff. this morning i weighed in and lost a .4 of a pound. that's not even a solid half pound, but i am keeping my positive attitude that  i even lost any. so yay! slow and steady wins the race, right?

02.11.13 goals

  • weight loss
    • current: 162.2
    • goal: 161
  • drink more water every day
  • exercise at least 6 times this week
  • smart snacking only (no useless or boredom snacking)
  • implement a morning/evening small workout/exercise for every day
there we have some spankin' new goals along with a couple of last weeks that i want to make sure i am sticking to strong before they disappear off the weekly list. they need to become habits for me. and i'm loving my new goals this week. i already got a strong workout in this morning which included a 41 minute treadmill program and a quick and dirty circuit exercise. 

the treadmill workout is one of my pinterest finds. it is from fitsugar website that has amazing tips, workouts, and so much more. just make sure you are ready for this fast paced workout, because it kicked my little butt and had my fellow gym mates wondering how hard and fast i was going to go before i was done. check out the treadmill workout here. and my quick workout circuit was an adaptation to this morning workout

i downsized it just a bit for me to ease into, and took out triceps lifts since i was in an area that couldn't accommodate as well for them. great workout this morning though, and then as i prepared the dairy boy and i's dinner tonight of slow cooker bbq pork ribs i ran out and grab more bbq sauce and grabbed myself a bolthouse farms smoothie. so good my friends! give them a try if you haven't!

i snacked on my smoothie, and some whole wheat toast with butter and jam during my family finance class. now it's time to get to the pile of reading and homework that i hear calling my name. have a great monday y'all!

Friday, February 1, 2013

it's friday already...and february too!

it's friday already! yahoo! i love fridays because it means only one class, a few hours of work, and then off to idaho for the weekend to hang out with the dairy boy and his family. we don't have anything too fancy on our agenda for the weekend other than a dairy tour in prep for the regional dairy challenge later this month, and some good food out and in. a recipe is sure to wind up on this blog here soon, especially the one that has dairy boy going crazy.

not only is today a friday, but it's also the first day of the best month of the year...february! such a romantic month that includes some pretty important dates in it...we shall see what comes about the next 28 days, but first it's time to talk about some workouts this week.

i went strong this week working out. i had six different outings, well seven if you count my intramural basketball game that kicked my trash last night. man! i thought i was getting back into shape, but the 32 minute game reminded me i have a long way to go. one of my favorite ways to sneak more calorie burning work in is by taking my textbooks to the gym with and doing some good educational reading while running or doing some work on the elliptical. such an easy yet productive time for me.

now to some workouts i've incorporated, especially this morning! i did a quick pinterest search this morning and found these two beauties. they were both steady and easy-going, yet pushed me to fight through. just what i needed for a friday morning.

and one last inspiration before i log off here and head to idaho to see the dairy boy (he just finished milking for the day). this time from instagram. from the amazing fitspbook. a challenge to last the best month. take the challenge with me and get to it this month.

now get to it! i'm out and off to idaho now for a fun weekend. and look forward to a new goals update on monday!