Monday, November 4, 2013

our life lately with pictures!

disclaimer: every single one of these pictures is from a phone because well i never carry my actual camera around with me...and why would i want to. it was a present when i turned 16 (maybe 17) and frankly farm boy's phone and even my iphone take better photos than my 6 year old camera does.

i'm trying to get better with taking pictures though, and even told myself that if it becomes a habit then i won't feel bad about buying a nice "real" camera in the future.

these are the homemade doughnuts farm boy and i made on halloween. i was skeptical if they would even turn out decent tasting, but boy was i wrong. they were amazing, especially right after they were fried and dipped in glaze! we've already decided that homemade doughnuts and apple cider will be our halloween tradition from now on! they were actually quite easy to make and so good and well worth the work you put in for them!

before making doughnuts (and chilli) for halloween night, we made a quick trip out utah state university's south farm and checked on the pig barn for one of farm boy's classes this semester. and of course we couldn't resist a few photo opportunities with the cute piglets!

this was farm boy's halloween date.

Photo: Sometimes you hang out with pigs on Halloween. This guy wanted to dress up as bacon...we advised him not to!

farm boy cleaning out the pens, so i could put fresh bedding in for the moms and babies.

piglets keeping warm in a big pile under their heat lamp.

and when the piglets get cold they like to cuddle together in the feeder...weirdos.

and one big momma who i like to believe is smiling for the camera. 

and now i realize i am way of out of order with these pictures, but we will ignore that. these are all from my the surprise date night farm boy spoiled me with after giving me flowers during work wednesday. we hit up one of my all time favorites, texas roadhouse, and as you can tell farm boy isn't a fan of pictures (that's why i just take pictures when he isn't looking usually). 

so i asked farm boy to take the above picture (which he did great with), and then he proceeds to move the camera a bunch and act like a crazy photographer...enjoy the random blurry pictures he captured.

not really sure what was going on during this picture, but i'm guessing it's his "i'm trying to eat and don't care about pictures for your blog kind of face."

we enjoyed our weekend in idaho with farm boy's family to do a little early birthday celebration for his father. and we decided to make a fun dairy cruising trip out of our saturday. we headed to a little nearby town called winder and checked out a 325 head holstein dairy owned by one of farm boy's relative. and then with all my cow excitement i decided we need to go help feed the calves at his uncles dairy right down the road from his parents' house. i was beyond excited!

it reminded me of when i was younger and had to feed the countless baby calves we had on my family dairy in indiana. i hated it when i was little, but now i would give anything to have cow interaction more often.

since his family only milks holsteins i was even more excited when i finally got to meet their new red calf heifer. it sure isn't a jersey but hey it's something different and i love her!
Photo: She likes the red baby!

farm boy even put this up on facebook yesterday with the caption "I think cows make her happier than I do!" and i'm afraid to say that in that moment it's somewhat true! i miss being around cows so much!

and to finish off our weekend, we woke up sunday morning to a beautiful blanket of snow. i'm still in shock it can be time for snow already! 
Photo: Might be cold and wet, but at least it's pretty! #herewehaveidaho