Friday, October 25, 2013

flashback friday: the proposal i'll never forget, part 1

before farm boy and i could get married, he had to get down on one knee and make sure i was in for the long haul. well to be honest he had known for a long time (over a year actually) that i was ready and willing to marry him, but protocol includes an actual proposal. and this boy's proposal did not disappoint one bit.

this story begins way back on the first day of 2013. i had flown back from christmas break at home in indiana (which farm boy was lucky enough to join for a few days as well) with my family. farm boy had picked me up from the airport and as we were finally rolling through cache valley he decided we needed to stop at a local hispanic market. as he continued to drive i proceeded to argue with him about where exactly it was at. i knew he was going the wrong direction and did my best to explain that to him, however he continued on his course and we ended up a couple blocks away from the market, but conveniently parked right behind logan's most marketed jeweler, se needhams. and you can just imagine my excitement when he proceeded to lead me into the jewelry store and casually tell the worker we were there to look at engagement rings!!

now before this outing we had never looked at rings...together. (i had previously looked with both my older sisters at two different jewelry stores in indiana the summer before. nothing ever came of the rings i had picked out there though.) i was a giddy little school girl checking out rings with him and finally saw a glimpse of light at the end of this dating tunnel. because at this point we had been dating for about 19 months, and i was beyond ready to marry this kid!

after i tried on as many beautiful rings as i possibly could, it was down to two gorgeous rings that were very similar. i turned to my handsome farm boy for thoughts and together we chose the very ring that is on my ringer today. now, i wish i could say a couple weeks after this visit he got down on his knee and popped the big question. i mean we had finally looked at rings together, picked one out, and even had chatted about getting married around the time of spring break. i had mentioned to my family, and some close friends of our new year's day outing and even tried on some wedding dresses just a few weeks later. unfortunately, the weeks started to roll by with no appearance of any such ring.

we quickly rolled through january, and then february. our original plans of a "spring break wedding" were long gone, and i was starting to loose hope that we were getting married any time soon. as march began, we were two weeks away from spring break, and just nine weeks away from my college graduation. and as i had told farm boy several times before, "if i wasn't married when i graduate, i was going back home to indiana to work with my dad." and he knew i wasn't kidding.

well wednesday march 6 i woke up and headed out to the USU south farm to feed my furry little calves before going into work my second job on campus for the day. farm boy had been milking cows in idaho that morning since 1 am, and as soon as he knew i was up feeding calves he sent me a desperate text asking that i head to idaho as soon as possible to help him for the day. i had to work on campus though so i hesitated, but he pleaded saying he was swamped with so much to do, so i emailed my boss explaining there was an "emergency" i needed to attend to in idaho and would not be in the office for the day. luckily my boss is the coolest, and there was no problem, so as i finished my calf feeding i headed to idaho for what i thought would be a normal day, but little did i know that there was a whole slew of sneakiness going on behind my back.

to be continued...