Wednesday, November 13, 2013

a day of gratitude

it's november 13th already, so i guess it's about time i do some "official" posts about what i am so grateful for in my life right now. on monday i detailed my gratitude for our country's veterans through my late grandpa shoaf and everything that surrounded his passing back in february. i am beyond glad i recorded all those memories to never forget. 

yesterday wasn't a typical day. you see, farm boy, flew out of the salt lake airport for a job interview that morning and flew back in that afternoon, so i took the chance i had to hang out in a different valley for the day. 

my very first stop was a quick breakfast of my favorite french toast at kneaders. oh so good! and then i made the short drive down the road to this beautiful place in jordan. 

it was my first time doing a temple session alone. i was a little nervous at first and hesitated to commit going since i've been sick the past few days, but man oh man i am so glad i went. being in the temple gives me such an amazing feeling. i feel loved, important, known, and that i am doing great work for the Lord! i have missed that feeling so much, and being in the temple reminded me i need to go more often. and that got me to thinking. here in logan, utah i live literally less than five miles from the temple. while i was in salt lake valley yesterday i could have drove to over four different temples in 30 minutes. and it hit me, i am incredibly blessed here in this region of the country! temples surround me everywhere. i have the opportunity to go to work eat dinner, and go to a temple session and still be home at a decent time for bed. growing up in indiana, a temple trip is almost an all day trip since our closest temple is in louisville kentucky. soon to be indianapolis once it is all finished in a couple years, which will make a temple trip much easier.

i am beyond grateful for temples. and the availability i have to attend them whenever i desire.

and before i sign off this here blog today, i have one more thing (or person, really) that i was reminded i am beyond grateful for in my life. farm boy has been working so so hard these past couple months. and not just in school, and work, but with our future after he graduates. he has put countless hours into researching companies, perfecting his resume, applying, practicing for interviews and so on. i don't know how i could ever do everything he has done. i know he gets so nervous over it all, and feels a lot of pressure, but he has done amazing things these past few weeks, and we're not even done with it all yet. i can't say much about all the details here and now, but i can say no matter what direction we end up going i have the brightest future ahead of me with this hard working farm boy.