Friday, November 1, 2013

flashback friday: the proposal i'll never forget, part 2

if you missed part 1 of this crazy proposal story, check it out here!

so after finishing my morning job at the farm, and getting the okay from my boss on campus i headed to preston for the day to help out farm boy.

and i guess i need to back track just a tad, because as i was hesitating to go to preston for the day farm boy pulled out a secret weapon and offered lunch at mis amores (which is only the best mexican joint in cache valley), and we all know i can not turn down good food so i was in for sure after that.

after thirty minutes in the car i pulled into the driveway, and found not only farm boy but his mom, grandma, and sister all hanging out in the house. farm boy and i decided to go get lunch before working on anything, and before i knew it we had convinced everyone else to come along as well. they all acted pretty busy, and his little sister had just barely eaten lunch, but in the end they kind of reluctantly decided they would come, and i thought none the wiser about it.

we all piled into his mom's car and headed to lunch, and farm boy quickly started telling me about a "new addition" to the farm that i had to see asap. he proceeded to direct his mother to one of their family's barns where this "new addition" was located, so i could see it before lunch.

it was a muddy wet day and us ladies didn't exactly wear appropriate shoes to walk through a barn. we gave the suggestion that this wasn't the best idea, but farm boy insisted we see, so we all headed into the barn, and at first i was super confused. i didn't see a thing new or different, until farm boy directed me to the other side of the barn where a small baby jersey calf was hanging out in a pile of loose straw. and i was ecstatic!

you see farm boy is a holstein cow lover (he even has a shirt that is solely covered with a giant holstein cow face) while i on the other hand am a jersey cow lover! don't know the difference? see have a very younger version of me showing a jersey calf at the indiana state fair, and then a slightly younger farm boy posing with his favorite holstein ladies on his families dairy in preston.


we've had many debates during our relationship of which breed of dairy cows is better, and we have just decided to agree to disagree. 

i digress though. back to this crazy story. as i was freaking out and going crazy because of my excitement, farm boy's mother decided to grab her camera from the car to take pictures. now you're probably thinking wow emma you should have seen that as a clue, but nope it wasn't at all since she loves jersey cows and taking pictures of them. i was still clueless of what was about to go down.

after i caught my breath and controlled my excitement, farm boy told me that he got the baby calf for me, which sent me into more excitement and curiosity. i asked him why and where he got it from since his family only deals with the black and whites, and he went on to tell me this long crazy story. he informed me that he had told the organic jersery dairy in a nearby town that if he ever had to treat a calf (and no longer be able to use on an organic dairy that does not allow certain treatments), he should call him so he could buy it from him. and apparently that had happened this morning, so he bought just for me and said we could raise it on his family's dairy.

since it was my calf, farm boy decided it was my job to tag her ear. and this seems like the perfect time to stop talking and show you lovely video that his mother was taking the entire time (and i had no clue about till later that day)! please ignore all my craziness in this video. i was in complete shock. i mean yeah i knew i was going to marry him and that meant he would be proposing soon, but i had no clue it was happening then. 

and since i'm not on top of the ball today i don't have the official video to put right here on the blog, but you can go to facebook and watch it here, or just copy and paste the link below.

watch. enjoy. and don't laugh too hard when i ask for the millionth time "is this real?".