Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9th already

It is January 9th, 2013. We are already over a week into the new year. And even though it may be a cliche, I  kinda love the whole new year resolutions idea. I like to think of them more like goals for the year, and they usually range between many different aspects of my life. For example, last year I had goals to say my prayers more often, exercise, run a marathon, and more. 

But we are already in the second week of the year and I haven't came up with my "resolutions" for the year yet! Argh! I am too stinking busy to do everything that I want. School just started this week, and I am back to working on campus as well as out at the farm during the week. I have a mile long to-do list that I am slowly crossing items off of, but still so many to go. One aspect of my life that I have been busy with (but it's a great busy) is exercising! Yay! I don't want to jinx it yet, but I am working it in to my daily schedule which I love! I've got big plans and dreams for the year and I can't wait to share them on this here blog that I am hoping to post on much much more this year (oh, I see a new years "resolution" in the air right here). Not sure what direction I want to take it. Maybe exercising, cooking, or just my crazy happenings during my last semester of college here at Utah State. I guess we will all see.