Wednesday, October 30, 2013

flowers on a cold winter day

sometimes when you're walking towards your bosses office to turn in your time card for the week, you see your husband.

and sometimes you ask him what he is doing and he gets all weird and awkward, and just tells you that one of your boss has your car keys (because you forget them in the car that morning), and he proceeds to walk away and not really say much else.

and then sometimes you walk in the bosses office to grab your keys and see this huge vase of flowers sitting there, with a lovely little card with your name on it, and you get that little school girl feeling in your heart and can't stop smiling because you are reminded yet again that you got the best husband a girl could ask for.

farm boy does sneaky things like this every once in awhile and i am still completely surprised every time. and what girl wouldn't be. i mean look at those flowers. once i picked my jaw up off the ground from shock, i got to carry these across a small corner of campus back to my office with a huge smile on my face, and realized this cold dreary autumn day in cache valley just got a whole lot brighter and happier. 

and not only did i get a surprise of flowers and a sweet note, but that sweet note included a dinner date tonight of my choosing (and dessert as well, and we all know how much i LOVE dessert), and even after dating slash being married to my handsome farm boy for over two years i am beyond excited for an impromptu date with him tonight.