Monday, February 4, 2013

superbowl weekend, and a weigh-in

this morning was the first official weekly weigh-in and hey i actually lost weight! not all, but still some. but first a recap of my weekend. below is me and the dairy boy after he decided to have his sister shave his head and keep sporting the beard he has currently. not too bad if you ask me. our weekend included milking cows, some great brisket from a local restaurant in preston, a tour of the very well managed taskmaster holstein in lewiston, utah, and a relaxing sunday evening watching some superbowl commercials and eating some bomb enchiladas that we made for his family (i should really post that recipe, because it is definitely a keeper). all in all a great weekend!

now to the good stuff. this morning i weighed in and lost a .4 of a pound. that's not even a solid half pound, but i am keeping my positive attitude that  i even lost any. so yay! slow and steady wins the race, right?

02.11.13 goals

  • weight loss
    • current: 162.2
    • goal: 161
  • drink more water every day
  • exercise at least 6 times this week
  • smart snacking only (no useless or boredom snacking)
  • implement a morning/evening small workout/exercise for every day
there we have some spankin' new goals along with a couple of last weeks that i want to make sure i am sticking to strong before they disappear off the weekly list. they need to become habits for me. and i'm loving my new goals this week. i already got a strong workout in this morning which included a 41 minute treadmill program and a quick and dirty circuit exercise. 

the treadmill workout is one of my pinterest finds. it is from fitsugar website that has amazing tips, workouts, and so much more. just make sure you are ready for this fast paced workout, because it kicked my little butt and had my fellow gym mates wondering how hard and fast i was going to go before i was done. check out the treadmill workout here. and my quick workout circuit was an adaptation to this morning workout

i downsized it just a bit for me to ease into, and took out triceps lifts since i was in an area that couldn't accommodate as well for them. great workout this morning though, and then as i prepared the dairy boy and i's dinner tonight of slow cooker bbq pork ribs i ran out and grab more bbq sauce and grabbed myself a bolthouse farms smoothie. so good my friends! give them a try if you haven't!

i snacked on my smoothie, and some whole wheat toast with butter and jam during my family finance class. now it's time to get to the pile of reading and homework that i hear calling my name. have a great monday y'all!