Wednesday, February 6, 2013

wednesday already!

happy hump to you all! this weeks seems to be flying by already. i mean come on its already wednesday!

i was feeling a little under the weather last night, but it gave me a chance to relax at home and spend some time catching up on homework while i stayed warm in some comfy clothes watching a little great gilmore girls. and it might of also gave me an excuse to order some chinese food :) dairy boy hasn't been a huge fan of chinese lately and since he was already back home in idaho sleeping away for the early morning milking today, i took advantage of my solo night to eat some not-so-good for me food.

the last thing i wanted to do this morning was exercise, but i pushed through it and headed to the fieldhouse anyway. i decided to do an elliptical workout and then call it good. this one came from one of my usual go to spots for workouts, PBFingers. it was a great workout! i mean 18 resistance and incline is crazy! i not only got a great leg workout, but arms as well. be prepared to sweat with this one. 

i've been working on-campus all afternoon and with not much of "work" to actually do, so i tackled some more homework and reading for school. i have so much going on the next week with school, including four exams! yep, four! i need to buckle down and stay on top of things for the next few days. in between all of my reading, studying, and tidbits of work to do i've desperately been searching pinterest for a fun, cute, and super delicious valentine's dessert slash birthday cake to make next week. 

M Chocolate Cookie Cake Bars  Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake  Giant chocolate chip cookie cake
                                      source.                     source.                        source.

i am thinking some version of a layered cookie cake with ice cream and fudge on top. we will see though. until happy hump day!