Friday, February 1, 2013

it's friday already...and february too!

it's friday already! yahoo! i love fridays because it means only one class, a few hours of work, and then off to idaho for the weekend to hang out with the dairy boy and his family. we don't have anything too fancy on our agenda for the weekend other than a dairy tour in prep for the regional dairy challenge later this month, and some good food out and in. a recipe is sure to wind up on this blog here soon, especially the one that has dairy boy going crazy.

not only is today a friday, but it's also the first day of the best month of the year...february! such a romantic month that includes some pretty important dates in it...we shall see what comes about the next 28 days, but first it's time to talk about some workouts this week.

i went strong this week working out. i had six different outings, well seven if you count my intramural basketball game that kicked my trash last night. man! i thought i was getting back into shape, but the 32 minute game reminded me i have a long way to go. one of my favorite ways to sneak more calorie burning work in is by taking my textbooks to the gym with and doing some good educational reading while running or doing some work on the elliptical. such an easy yet productive time for me.

now to some workouts i've incorporated, especially this morning! i did a quick pinterest search this morning and found these two beauties. they were both steady and easy-going, yet pushed me to fight through. just what i needed for a friday morning.

and one last inspiration before i log off here and head to idaho to see the dairy boy (he just finished milking for the day). this time from instagram. from the amazing fitspbook. a challenge to last the best month. take the challenge with me and get to it this month.

now get to it! i'm out and off to idaho now for a fun weekend. and look forward to a new goals update on monday!