Wednesday, October 30, 2013

fridays are always the best

i think about everyone in this universe will agree with the title of this post because we all know fridays really are the best. in the swainston household friday night means one night. date night always includes dinner out, and on the really lucky date nights we go to a movie, or some other entertainment. farm boy and i are pretty simple though and love food so eating out together is our usual date night routine. so we hit up cafe sabor in logan this past friday (which we had never been to together), and then headed home to watch a movie and relax...about thirty minutes in though i looked over and found this...

yep, this is farm boy dead asleep at 7 o clock on friday night. we had quite the friday night, didn't we?

he is probably going to kill me when he sees this. he was so deep in sleep he never even noticed me get out of bed to take pictures, go to the bathroom, and bake cookies. yeah, i was so bored just watching tv that i decided to bake some of the halloween chocolate chip cookie dough i had leftover from the night before.

(i have to give you a little background though. you see farm boy has been working his tail off with early morning work everyday, class and homework all day long, and then on top of that he is working extra hard on job hunting for when he graduates in may. this past week included a lot of everything, especially future job opportunities, so i was not surprised one bit when he was fast asleep...he deserved the break after working so hard and non stop all week long.)

don't worry though i wasn't alone all night long. he woke up around 9 and was rested and ready to go. at that point i was getting really tired, but stayed awake long enough to watch half of the movie, o brother where art thou. i hadn't seen that movie in so long and farm boy had never seen it so it was quite entertaining to see his reactions to all the different scenarios that play out for the main characters throughout the film. he was quite disturbed with the gangsta bank robber shooting up some cattle along the road.

don't worry though it's not all crazy bank robbers, so check out my favorite scene from the movie which includes the signature song, "i am a man of constant sorrow". and next time you're in the market for a movie to watch, check it out.