Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm actually doing this...

I have thought about this day for so long (the day I actually start a blog), but never seemed to have the courage or time, which I still feel like I don't, but I'm doing it anyway.

Most blogs have a main focus or theme behind them such as cooking, sewing, traveling, etc. Well, this is one reason I never had the courage to start a blog, because I have no idea what my focus would be. I entertained the idea of a cooking slash baking blog, but not sure how well I can keep up on that with going to school and working and spending time with my boyfriend and friends. And then I thought about sewing. My amazing mother recently gave me a sewing machine for my 21st birthday in February, but I'm no pro. The best way I can put it is that I have experience sewing, but I'm not an experienced sewer.

So with no definite consensus on a "theme", I decided I would make it a jumble of it all. And with that decision came the next dilemma of deciding on a blog name. With no concrete "theme" of my blog it needed to be something generic for my entire life right now and everything and anything I could be going through that could end up on the fancy new blog of mine. Now you're all probably looking back up at the title and wondering what I was thinking when I chose this. Well, you have to understand my childhood and my father in particular...

I grew up in a little country town of just over two thousand people in southern Indiana. Hope was it's name and "A Surprising Little Town" was our slogan. I lived on a farm just a few miles from the town square on a country road with my family of nine. Our farm (aerial picture below!) includes a herd of Jersey dairy cows (the best dairy cow breed in my opinion), POA ponies, a hog barn full of 4,000 baby pigs and of course chickens, dogs, and cats. My father farms just over 500 acres that include mainly corn and soybeans, as well as alfalfa hay for the animals.

My dad grew up on his parents farm just down the road from ours a few miles. His entire childhood consisted of farm work from sunrise to sunset (unless they were hiding from grandpa in the tree house they built). Milking cows, chopping wood, feeding animals and helping his dad with construction business were just a few things my dad and his 10 brothers did everyday, while his two sisters and mother were cooking and taking care of the home. This type of work ethic has been with my dad his whole life. And has been brought about some motivating sayings to stir the work on. "Pushin' the Pony" was just one of them, and probably the everyone's favorite. "Walk the Dog" and "Drop the Blade" were both other common sayings my dad would tell all us kids to get us working each day. Of course, it got quite a few laughs too, but we all grew up working hard out on the farm and in the house.

So as I thought about what to title this blog, I thought about how I'm so busy everyday just trying to do get things accomplished and be productive. My dad's familiar voice yelling "Pushin' the Pony" came to my mind, and that was it. This blog of mine will include all the craziness of my life that I'm trying to get accomplished. I'm not really sure what I'm doing, but I hope you enjoy!