Saturday, April 28, 2012

No more fast food for me...kind of.

So I have made my decision. No fast food for me this summer, well kind of. I don't think I could ever give up all fast food forever, because I love food! (I mean how could I live in Indiana for three months and not eat at Steak'n'Shake!) I've decided to make some changes though to be healthier and get in shape and this is the next big decision I have made.

I am only going to allow myself to eat fast food once a month this summer. This seems like a feasible goal for me, although I know I'm going to want to break it multiple times, especially since I will be working in Columbus this summer where there are hundreds of choices. I should probably clarify that the "fast food" that I can only eat once month is what we would call the bad and unhealthy fast food. I thought about defining fast food as any eating place with a drive-thru window, but Subway and even some Panera Bread places have drive-thru windows, and I would not consider them unhealthy. So I am banning myself from the so-called unhealthy fast food places, which means no frostys from Wendy's, no pizza from Domino's but just once a month. Only one fast food meal all together each month this summer.

As I am putting this new stipulation into writing I am realizing the reality of it. And it's not making me very happy. I will definitely see the benefits though when I am training for the Top of Utah Marathon that is in September, and hopefully in my wallet as well. Not eating fast food all the time will help me to save my hard earned money this summer that I will desperately need for school this fall.

It all begins now. Hopefully I can have enough will power to stay strong, especially as I am driving across the country in two weeks back home to Indiana. Not eating fast food or only eating it once will be quite a challenge, but here I go. I can do this!