Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's time for some changes...

Exercising, diets, eating out, healthy choices and fast food have all been recent topics for Cody and I. We have been dating for almost a whole year now (Yay us!). One of our favorite things to do, besides visiting dairy farms, is to go out to eat. Besides the effect we feel in our wallet, we are starting to realize its affecting us physically. And sadly I am coming to the realization that I have gained some weight.

Looking back over this past year though I am not surprised. I have literally eaten whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and how ever much I wanted. It sure has been fun, but I don't like the extra pounds, the heavy breathing I get just from walking up a flight of stairs, and looking at all the money I spend on food each month. So I have made the decision to change this. Actually I made the decision a long time ago but never seemed to have the motivation to actually do anything about it. I would make little changes here and there, like walk to campus or do a quick workout, but I have not been committed or consistent. It all changes today. Right now actually.

I am not exactly sure how I want to approach slash start this endeavor. There seems to be so many different ways I can go about doing this. I have had a few ideas how I want to get healthy and back in shape while shedding some pounds.

The Top of Utah Marathon is held in September here in Logan, and I have toyed with the idea of participating. It would take some good dedication and a lot of training to do so, but I like the challenge. Unfortunately, my foot has decided to hurt and turn black and blue from an old injury, so I haven't started any real training yet. Besides training for a marathon this fall, I want to stay active and take some type of fitness class this summer. My internship this summer with the 4-H program will keep me on my feet for some part of my time, but then again I will have office hours every week when the fair or 4-H camp isn't in full swing. This means I plan for my summer to include a lot of outdoor activities and work (hopefully some horse riding slash training and good old labor around the family farm with my dad). And I mentioned a fitness class. Besides a conditioning class I took the fall of my sophomore year here at USU, I have never taken a fitness class. I have always had interest in doing one though. So I'm excited to find one back home that is once or twice a week, and hopefully I can get my sisters to join me!

So I have mentioned a lot of exercising that I will be doing, but what about food? This is where it could get ugly. I love food, especially sweets. Cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, cake, ice cream, you name it, I love it! Besides just eating, I love to cook, and it's not always the healthiest. I haven't decided how to go about this. I have used the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone recently that counts your calories, and gives you daily nutrition details. It quickly made me realize that I eat way more calories than I should, and that I am not getting enough of my essential vitamins and nutrients. This means I need to be conscious of my choices, and what I put into my body. A summer fast of no fast food is one of my recent thoughts. I don't know if I am ready to make such a commitment. I need to ponder it a little more.

In two weeks the semester will be done, and I will be on my way back to Indiana for the summer. I am so excited to start my internship, spend time with friends and family, and make some smart and healthy changes. This is just the beginning of it all. We will see what the summer has in store for me.