Thursday, September 19, 2013

farm boy's big 2-4 celebration

way back on may 17th of this year, my favorite farm boy turned the big 2-4!

don't let the young stud in him fool you, he is starting to get up there in age now. i mean he is almost half way to 50. ouch! the giant chocolate shake he is enjoying below was our way of "celebrating" his birthday after a day of working on the hog farms (which is a whole another story for some other time). we had actually drove 45 minutes to the "big city" of cedar city to run errands, but all the birthday boy wanted was to eat his birthday dinner at beaver's local little town diner, el bambi. and i do not blame him one bit, because they cook up some amazing comfort food, diner style of course. 

and that my friends was the extent of our celebration...until the end of july when we could finally enjoy the birthday gift i had bought for him way back in march.

jason aldean is one of our favorite country singers, so when i heard he was coming to salt lake, i knew it was the perfect surprise birthday gift for my farm boy. 

it was quite the show with not only jason aldean, but his opening acts thomas rhett and jake owen. we had heard a few songs by thomas rhett, but loved him so much more live. he was a great opening act! we loved the entire show, especially since jason aldean played his song flyover states, which includes some great shout outs to indiana. who wouldn't love that!

happy belated birthday to my favorite farm boy, and my best friend. hopefully we can celebrate your quarter century birthday even bigger next year!