Monday, September 30, 2013

october resolutions

at the beginning of every new year, millions of people decide on their new year's resolutions, or their goals to work on till the next new year begins. and as we all know tomorrow is the first day of october...not the new year, however i have decided to take this "start" of a new month  to be my "new start." it is time for some october resolutions people!

for the past few weeks i have been in a weird funk. i'm happy with my life, so so happy with an amazing husband, a great job, and loving friends and family. i am so so very blessed with so much, but i didn't feel like i was getting much accomplished at the end of each day. i haven't been holding myself accountable or pushing myself to achieve new things, so the need for some resolutions or goals has set in. and not only is it just me, but the hubby has noticed that our marriage could use some goals to work towards in the short-run, long- run and as he put it the long long-run. we have so many great ideas of things we want to accomplish together and it's time to put those goals in writing and make plans to accomplish them.

our goals in our marriage will be featured in there own snazzy post once we have them set, but for now i need to crack down and set personal goals to work towards this month. so without ado, my october 2013 resolutions shall be...

  • Finish organizing and decorating our little newlywed college housing apartment. (That seems like quite a large goal, but we have been living there since the end of August and it is just time to get everything in its final place, and decorated more to be our little home for the next 8 months.)
  • Learn to crochet (or knit).
  • Exercise smart and eat healthier every day. (Lose some weight while you're at it!)
  • Practice piano at least 5 times a week. (I have been struggling to practice multiple times each week and that is no good if i want to improve.)
  • Read your scriptures every day with a purpose, and remember to start and end with a prayer!
  • Don't forget to pray! Pray each morning and night and often in between.
  • Listen and study a General Conference talk each week.
man, i think i could go on forever! i have so many different ideas in my head of areas i want to work on, but those are the big ones lately (especially getting our apartment together and finished once and for all). it will be interesting to see how this goes, but i'm excited to work towards improving myself and using my time wiser. and to be honest, i'm even more excited to sit down with the hubby and make our goals together.

so here's to a fun fall month full of resolution work!