Friday, September 6, 2013

farm boy's hidden talent

every wife loves to brag about their amazing husband. i always thought it was a little too mushy for me, until i got engaged, and all the mushy posts began. i mean, how could i not gush about the wonderful man i call my husband?!?


so what caused this somewhat mushy post you ask? well my hunk of a husband is not only a cute goofball, but he is an amazing singer! and i love love love to listen to him sing all kinds of country songs. he is often bashful about showing the world his talent, but today he actually posted a video on facebook for all his friends to see. and as his loving caring wife i decided to broaden the audience a little and post a link to it here on the blog for all to see.

so please check it out here, encourage him a bit, because he clearly needs to be doing this more often.

i sure do love my farm boy :)