Tuesday, September 17, 2013

my first piano lesson

i found this little gem one day while i was trying to organize the million and one things we have in our tiny apartment, and if you look closely the very first quality the twelve year old version of me decided i should develop is playing the piano. darn you young women leaders for making me fill these things out and now look back wondering what i was thinking!

back in the day i took piano lessons, but eventually gave up on them and now i am left with measly music skills, and a random memory to play the star wars theme song. 

i'm working to catch up with my twelve year old self though and have taken up piano lessons again! this time my amazing mother in law is my teacher because well let's face it she has led, taught, and inspired her entire family to be so musically inclined and it is absolutely beautiful. in the three plus years that i have known the swainstons i have witnessed countless musical numbers on all different levels, venues, audiences, and settings, and they never disappoint. 

cody finally pushed me to set up an official lesson time with his mom, so we could actually get things started, and yesterday was my first lesson!  
my lovely husband secretly snapped this picture while i was hard at work.

and now today i start my homework for the week. i have actual "homework" pages in one of my books, but i have playing "homework" to practice this week as well in the other books.

this just goes to show that even after you graduate from college, you will still have homework to do.

so here's to one goal of mine that i'm working if i can just figure out a way to have perfect hair everyday and cook like bobby flay.