Thursday, October 24, 2013

a night of emotions

sometimes i am a full on emotional women and have one of those crazy spur of the moment, where-the-heck-did-this-come-from kind of emotional explosions. when i was single i would just drowned my sorrows in ice cream, chinese food, and some gilmore girl episodes, but i'm married now. this means that my poor unassuming husband gets hit with a tidal wave of emotions from he's usually sweet loving wife.

well, the other night i sent out one of those tidal waves of just pure crazy emotions (with full on ugly tears everywhere) and farm boy was the sole victim. you see i just had one of those days where i get into deep thought about a subject and it doesn't quite sit well and then i finally explode with all my feelings in the worst way.

maybe one day i can get put together all the right words to explain all my bizarre feelings i had that night, but until then it all just makes me realize how lucky i got to marry this boy.

he knows exactly how to pull me in, and catch all my crazy emotions. i love how he doesn't just sugar coat everything and tell me all will be okay (even though in the moment of craziness that's all i think i want or need), but that he is straight up honest and tells me the good hard truth. and how i need to buck up and be stronger. he may not always understand all my emotions, but he is always there to talk me through it and remind me that we're a matter what.

and that is what i thank my Heavenly Father for every morning and night. that i was able to find such a strong, kind man to be my partner in this crazy thing we call life. and it doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eye either.