Tuesday, October 22, 2013

little things lately

sometimes it takes a little bit of a scare to make you appreciate the little things that make life so darn easy. 

you see friday farm boy and i went to the field house (the exercise facility on campus) to get our workout in for the day. all was well while we sweated it out on the machines, but as we prepared to head home i started to get that awful feeling in my stomach as i realized i had lost our keys. farm boy handed them to me as soon as we left our apartment since he had no room to hold them, and clearly that wasn't the best idea. we frantically searched the facility and talked with the workers, but our keys were still nowhere to be found. 

we made a very somber walk home as the feeling in my stomach got worse and worse, especially when we realized the key ring not only had our apartment key on it, but also our mail key, one of our car keys, and the car clicker with an automatic starter on it. paying a lockout fee of $1 was not a fun way to start our your friday and weekend at all.

after a long weekend of wondering where our keys were, calculating the $80 replacement cost for them all (which doesn't really fit into our little newlywed budget right now), calling USU police to see if any keys were turned it and saying many many prayers for help from the Lord to find them, i woke up early monday morning and headed to the fieldhouse to ask one last time if they had been turned in. and hallelujah! they were there! i was beyond excited when the worker was handing them to me, and she didn't seem to care much which i don't blame her, but man i sure was happy to get that set of keys back. 

losing those keys and going through a weekend of worrying reminded me of how greatly blessed we are. we have a home to live in, although we may be too poor to heat it, and every single wall consists of cinder blocks, and there is a constant smell of curry and nonstop stomping from our neighbors upstairs, it's our little home for the school year. our car is key to get us in between work, school, and play every day! so grateful we have it to make our crazy schedules just a little more manageable and having two keys means we can leave the car somewhere for the other to get to fast after a class or work. so even though within an hour of "losing" our keys we had a game plan of what we would do to get it all fixed (i.e. ask his dad to make a spare car key, forget about automatic starter for awhile, and break down our hard earned money to replace the others) it sure was nice to get them back monday morning and remember how lucky we are for the little things that make our everyday life so much easier. and we made sure to thank our Heavenly Father for that last night!  

i know i'll be keeper a lot closer eye on those keys from now on.