Wednesday, October 9, 2013

alas! the day of change

"alas" seems like such a funny word when you think about it, but it was the first word that came to my mind when i thought of this post. so attention everyone...big news! i actually gotten myself out of bed early this past week and completed some workouts! yeah buddy! (that's my favorite saying when i get all may or may not appear on this blog frequently.)

to be honest i first wake up most morning at 3:50 am. yep i said that right 3:50 am. don't all wives wake up at this time to take their husband to work? nope? i guess it's just me because i'm crazy in love with that boy, and if he asks i can't possibly say no (and he knows that).

once he is dropped off at work i get home and jump right back in bed, and usually never want to wake back up. i finally found some determination and will power though and have woke up with enough time to work out in the mornings which is so much nicer than exercising after work when all i want to do is cook dinner and hang out with my farm boy. him and i have enjoyed some great evening runs together lately though. i absolutely love just getting outside and enjoying the fresh air with him! hopefully cache valley will keep the cool weather around a little longer so we can keep spending great quality time outside together.

and all these runs have another great reasoning behind them! somehow my farm boy has gotten the itch to become and runner. and he isn't aiming small when it comes to his goals. he has his eyes set on running a marathon! i was a crazy person once and ran the top of utah marathon last year in september, with barely any training at all.

farm boy wants to do it right though so we are going to keep running and over time work our way up to a marathon. our first rung in the marathon climbing ladder is a 5K and what better time to do a 5K than on thanksgiving day when they are commonly called a turkey trot. 

and it is official! we are running the holiday turkey trot in smithfield this thanksgiving day! let the training begin!